We'll just need a little more information in order to optimize our services and communications for you:

We'll just need a little more information in order to optimize our services and communications for you:

Journey Mapping

Gain deep, accurate insights into your customers’ collective experiences with your business

Turn Customer Feedback Into Results

Journey Mapping creates a powerful visual representation of the journey your customers take with your products, services, and brand. With Journey Mapping, you can identify key moments and evaluation points in your CX process, identify crucial positives and negatives, and measure attitudes and emotions that affect your customers’ impressions and decisions.

A Journey Mapping solution from MaritzCX will help you:

  • Uncover insights into what your customers are really experiencing/feeling
  • Define the gaps between your desired customer experience and the one that is being delivered
  • Identify key moments of truth that impact customer perceptions and satisfaction most
  • Generate opportunities for customer co-creation
  • Build a common, shared, accurate view of the customer experience around a culture of CX excellence
  • Create a detailed visual representation of customer touchpoints to turn customer feedback into business results

A recent Forrester Report found that only 2% of companies are set up to “identify, deliver on and measure moments” in the customers’ experience.

What is Customer Journey Mapping?

A customer journey map is a visual representation of the journey a customer has with a company’s brand, products, services and people. The process of creating one is called customer journey mapping. A customer journey map visualizes all touch points between the customer and the organization, from customer research on the product, to first contact with the company, to building customer loyalty. By constructing theoretical customer decision-making scenarios, companies can more easily understand factors and product features that influence customers’ purchase decisions.

Journey Mapping is an outside-in exercise, reviewing and documenting the stages of customers’ lifecycle from their points of view looking in. Customer journey maps may also be called customer interaction maps, customer corridors, or service blueprints. Customer Process Mapping (CPM), often an artifact of Six Sigma or Lean work efforts document, is similar but different from customer journey mapping in that it is about internal processes and the channels businesses undertake when serving a customer.

Why Journey Mapping?

Customer Journey Mapping allows companies to see the gaps between the desired Customer Experience (CX) and the one that the customer actually receives. Creating a Customer Journey Map can help organizations:

  • Explore, document, and understand the personal, emotional parts of the customer experience that quantitative measures alone often miss
  • Create a detailed visual representation that places specific customer touch points and interactions in the larger context of the complete customer journey
  • Identify the key moments of truth that impact customer perceptions and satisfaction the most, so you can monitor and improve them over time
  • Generate opportunities for customer co-creation
  • Understand which factors are most important in building customer loyalty
  • Decrease customer turnover
  • Build a common, shared, and accurate internal view of the customer experience, to align the entire organization around a culture of CX excellence
  • Reveal gaps and weaknesses in existing Voice of Customer (VoC) programs that may be limiting companies’ ability to turn customer feedback into business results

How to Create a Customer Journey Map

Mapping the customer’s journey starts with identifying and building out the steps of the journey from the company’s point of view, from beginning to end. Companies start by identifying the key moments a customer has with the company. Getting agreement on the discrete steps a customer takes can be difficult, as each functional area and stakeholder will bring a unique perspective to the table. It is critical for the organization to work from a common vision of the journey so that measurements, improvements, and enhancements can be created using a shared framework. Once the steps of the journey are identified, each step can be expanded to include the following elements:

  • Customer’s desired outcomes
  • Time or duration
  • Attitudes and thoughts
  • Emotional responses
  • Emotional needs
  • Customer pain points
  • Areas of weakness
  • Areas of strength
  • Importance of the step
  • Satisfaction with the step

After the journey map is created, the process of customer journey mapping continues. Companies seek customer feedback to better understand the customer’s view of the journey, then create plans to improve the customer experience based on the customer journey map. Finally, companies need to periodically update their journey maps as the customer journey evolves, due to technology, market, and company changes.

Journey Mapping Details

Journey Mapping is a flexible consulting engagement for organizations seeking more complete, accurate insights into what their customers really feel, perceive, and experience. It includes resources, expertise, and documentation—including detailed visual representations of the complete customer journey—to identify hidden moments of truth and close the gap between internal CX perceptions and customer realities.

MaritzCX on Journey Mapping

MaritzCX has developed journey mapping strategies for many years and offers three Journey Mapping engagement levels, detailed below.

MaritzCX delivers key deliverables that include:

  • Creating a high-level and detailed visual journey map designed by professional graphic artist
  • A detailed written Customer Journey Report that identifies key opportunity areas and makes specific recommendations to improve your CX strategy
  • Actionable recommendations for improving and enhancing your VoC program by adding new CX elements
  • A portfolio of new ideas for making short- and long-term improvements to your customers’ overall experience over the course of their complete customer journey

Make Journey Mapping Part of Your Comprehensive Program

MaritzCX can help you connect your customer’s journey to your customer strategy with our seasoned journey mapping consultants and best practice prowess.

We also partner with CX Workout to bring the customer journey to life with rich media for a solution that truly brings the Voice of the Customer to life. CX Workouts technology is a perfect match to MaritzCX’s journey mapping expertise which gives businesses a tool to quickly define stages, touchpoints, and actions that occur across the journey. This tool brings the customer journey to life with rich media by uploading video’s and photos to capture their experiences directly—to provide a human touch that brings the journey to life. The tool also enables customers directly in online discussions to hear firsthand the customers’ ideas for improvement and innovation.  This creates a treasure trove of detail on specific journey stages, touch points, and actions taken on both sides of the table.

Start Understanding and Improving every Customer Journey and Experience.

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