We'll just need a little more information in order to optimize our services and communications for you:

We'll just need a little more information in order to optimize our services and communications for you:

Strategy and Design Consulting

A smart customer experience blueprint

Services that Deliver Insight & Drive Action

High-quality customer data demands a strong foundation across every touchpoint and any scale. MaritzCX tackles the complex prospects with advanced collection, integration, and validation services designed to turn data into results.

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Understand and Improve the Complete Customer Lifecycle

MaritzCX Strategy and Design consulting starts with insight and expertise that allows close management of customer experiences. Strategy and Design services diagnose the customer roadmap and will help design your company’s CX program for better results. Understanding what drives customer satisfaction is the first step towards identifying key influences early on and ultimately improving business revenue and growth.

Reliable Results are Driven by Smart Processes

MaritzCX is ready to help you prioritize and focus on what elements have the biggest impact on your business. Make executive alignment a priority in your business and watch as you reap the benefits.  With access to proven benchmarks, world-class analytical tools, and custom research, the executed strategy and design of your CX program is an investment that paves way for continuous improvement.

A Bird’s Eye View of Your Customer’s Experiences

Every part of your business deserves a true, comprehensive view of each customer’s journey and their various interactions with your business throughout. MaritzCX is the expert in delivering a holistic view with real understanding accomplished through communication, back-end business processes, and diverse measures of performance.


CX First Step Consultation

Our consultative services offer a different approach for businesses in any stage of CX. The expert consultants at MaritzCX are ready to work with you and your management team to find the unique starting place for building or overhauling your CX program. Whether it be harmonizing goals, aligning key stakeholders, or getting the executives on board, we’re ready to set up an effective corporate governance structure that fits your CX initiatives.


With industry-specific best practices as the focal point, CXEvolution services are based on an expert-led assessment that reviews performance in terms of CX strategy, people, processes, tech, customer alignment, existing customer growth, and other financial indicators. Your company is placed within one of four CX success stages to determine realistic areas for improvement.

Journey Mapping

Create a powerful visual representation of the journey your customers take with your brand, products, and services. Journey Mapping allows you to identify the key moments and evaluation points in your CX process that makes the biggest impact on your customers’ impressions and decisions. Utilize the positives and negatives, while understanding the real attitudes and emotions waiting to be measured.


When measuring the impact that good customer experiences have on attitudes and behaviors, MaritzCX’s Blueprinting works to identify the tools that make the most positive impact on every customer’s journey. This information finds the best people, policies, procedures, and processes that work best for your business.

Research Assessment

With great customer insights available, there comes great responsibility to turn that data into action. MaritzCX Research Assessment harnesses the world’s most sophisticated analysis models and methods to anticipate changing customer experience trends and aid in making better decisions that put you ahead of the competition.

CX Governance

In this new digital reality, successful CX outcomes require a new kind of governance framework that makes it possible to define best CX practices for your entire organization, then applying them consistently across every department, business unit, and region in your global enterprise. Sound governance provides the structural foundation necessary to elevate your CX program.

Survey Design Consultative Services

Better surveys lead to improved, real-time CX results. Survey Design and Consultative Services allow the design and implementation of quantitative surveys that will match your individual needs and requirements. Our professionals help with the design of a survey that work best for you, whether that be paper, online, SMS, or telephone surveys. Expert advice on wording and scaling is also available.

Make Strategy and Design Consulting Part of Your Comprehensive CX Program

MaritzCX Strategy and Design consulting is a fully integrated piece of the MaritzCX platform, which means it works with a comprehensive suite of software and services to drive improvements in customer retention, conversion, and lifetime value.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What specific offerings does MaritzCX Strategy and Design consulting include?

    A typical engagement includes the combination of Ad-hoc Consultations, CXEvolution, Customer Journey Mapping, Organizational CX Assessments, CX Program Design Workshops, Organizational Blueprinting, Action Planning, Front Line CX Workshops, and Linking CX to Business Results Studies.

  • What does an effective CX blueprint look like?

    A smart, effective CX blueprint defines the dynamic connections between company practices, employee actions, customer perceptions, customer behaviors, and business outcomes. With the right kind of blueprint in place, you can understand how your company’s actions translate into lived customers experiences—and how those experiences motivate decisions, impact revenues, and affect other business outcomes.

  • What’s the best way to get started with Strategy and Design consulting?

    Contact a MaritzCX representative to get started. We’ll work closely with you to understand your needs and apply the best mix of offerings to the unique CX needs and priorities of your business.

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