We'll just need a little more information in order to optimize our services and communications for you:

We'll just need a little more information in order to optimize our services and communications for you:

Market Research Analytics

Give Your Data the Analyzing it Deserves

Consulting & Modeling for Greater CX Results

As the world’s largest CX technology and research firm, MaritzCX is dedicated to providing its customers with the most advanced behavioral science models and CX data analytics. MaritzCX Market Research not only anticipates customer experience trends through its predictive software capabilities, but offers real, offline help with research scientists who can identify unique business drivers to help organizations’ achieve greater business results.

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 Identify Important Trends, Patterns, and Predictors

Uncover emerging customer experience trends before anyone else by working with our analytical experts. Our Advanced Analytics creates custom models that meet your industry’s unique needs, allowing you to identify new trends and patterns.

Take Advantage of the Latest Academic Research

Boosting the speed and efficiency of your CX program is a piece of cake when you’re connected directly to the latest academic research and mathematical innovations in the analytic field. MaritzCX will help you make the connections that put you ahead of the competition.

Refresh Your CX Data Stream with New Predictive Models

Advanced Analytics makes CX data valuable and more responsive, allowing for retention before actually losing any customers or revenue. By using predictive models and analytic techniques that identify trends early, making the right decisions quickly for your business will be easier than ever.

Market Research Services:

Experimental Design

Make it possible to accurately measure the impact of specific CX interventions or actions on your customers’ experiences with this analysis tool. Different than most general field studies, our experimental design approach allows linkage between causes and results with the highest degree of certainty.

Attribute Driver Analysis

Accurately identify relationships between specific CX features and measure satisfaction in terms of what has the greatest impact. Satisfaction can be measured in everything from products to technical support, so every touchpoint is assessed individually as a contribution to your CX program as a whole.


Every customer has different needs, attitudes, and behaviors. Segmentation allows you to determine similar customer groups based on data, allowing for a broader picture of potential customers. With a deeper understanding of how the competitive marketplace is structured, identified differentiators show why certain groups choose you over the competition.

Pricing and Product/Service Design Research

This offering was designed with the goal in mind to predict current and potential customer responses to new products, services, or pricing. This includes measuring responses to a single potential product with many components, a portfolio of products, or a complex new service offering.

Spotlight Analysis

Spotlight mines your data for key insights and patterns, outlining a meaningful, business-focused “story.” Our trained experts are ready to guide you through the program and help you determine needs as well as guide your research.


Critical to VOC data, business operations, and financial information, this offering gives you an accurate and complete picture of the way your VOC efforts impact the financial performance of your organization.


Unstructured data is automatically processed to apply codes, extract keywords, and assign sentiments; giving you the power to turn open-ended survey responses, call center notes, and other data sources into information that is actionable and valuable.

Unstructured Insight Report

Based on your needs, this one-time analysis turns specific sources of unstructured data into something organized, actionable, and usable.

SurveyGuard Text

Built specifically for the automotive sector, this pre-built analytics platform makes it possible to examine customer survey comments and look out for signs of inappropriate and coercive tactics by dealerships or members of the sales team. Large volumes of text responses are screened for important information, quickly identifying “red flags” in surveys, and finding the customers who need follow-up action.

Make Market Research Part of Your Comprehensive CX Program

MaritzCX Market Research and Advanced Analytics is a fully integrated piece of the MaritzCX platform, which means it works with a comprehensive suite of software and services to drive improvements in customer retention, conversion, and lifetime value.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of analysis are available through the MaritzCX Advanced Analytics service?

    MaritzCX Advanced Analytics leverages dozens of methodologies and analytical models to deliver results for your business. These include designed experiments, predictive models, segmentation, perceptual mapping, text analysis, complex statistical testing, psychometric analysis, sample size and power analysis, marketing sciences, and more.

  • Who develops the analytical methods and models that are used by MaritzCX Advanced Analytics?

    The MaritzCX analytics team includes doctorate-level researchers, scientists, mathematicians, statisticians, and other leading academics from around the world. These experts know how to apply the most advanced statistical and analytical techniques; their decades of collective experience will help you face your biggest and most pressing CX challenges.

  • What types of businesses should consider using the MaritzCX Advanced Analytics Service?

    If your organization invests in CX research, Advanced Analytics can help you understand and make the most of it. This includes using a broad array of advanced analytical approaches that are designed to solve specific problems. As a result, you can feel confident that you are getting the highest possible return on your CX research investments.

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